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Community description:A collaborative effort to proliferate high quality icons. Translation: Get/Share awesome icons! ^_^


A collaborative effort to proliferate high quality icons. Translation: Get/Share awesome icons! ^_^

For now, membership is open and all members can contribute. This will change as the community grows, depending on what kind of posts we get on a regular basis.

Rules for Posting

  • Firstly, please don't post unless you're posting icons. If you'd like to thank someone for their post, please use the comments. ^_^
  • If your post has more than 3 icons, please post them behind a cut. You may post 3 icons outside the cut for a preview.
  • If you are posting PG+ rated icons, please say so in the cut text. We really, really don't want to offend anyone. :p If they click on the cut link and get offended, that's on them.
  • Please use the bauble icon table generator to post your icons *if* you do not wish to create your own table.
  • Please include your own icon usage rules in each post. (i.e. "no hotlinking. credit me. blah blah blah.")
  • Please do not post work that is not your own!! If you use someone else's work in the process of creating your icon and you did not have their permission, you must give credit in your post. If anyone gets upset about their work being used here, it will be on the user who submitted the icons, *NOT* [community profile] iconic. Said user will be banned from posting any more work in the community.
  • Please Note: This rule does not apply to free stock photography or artists who have openly said they don't require credit when their work is used. If in doubt, it's best to post credit, just to be on the safe side. Most artists are not okay with their work being used without permission so please be aware of how the artist you're using feels about that.

General Community Rules

  • Anything resembling Not Nice will get you banned. Period. No exceptions.
  • Please comment on the entry if you are taking icons. It's always nice to know one's work is appreciated. :)

Thanks to [personal profile] invisionary for our community name! Our community was created by chasy and is currently maintained by [personal profile] wide_worlds_joy.


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